West Coast Van Lines provides an extensive combination of experience, service and assistance to families preparing for an international relocation, resulting in a personalized, worry-free experience.

Our trained personnel’s expertise in preparing and loading your shipment for transit saves you both time and money. We enjoy long standing working relationships with agents at destinations the world over, helping to ensure an efficient, professional delivery.

The cost of an international move is determined by the volume of your shipment, which is measured by either cubic feet or weight, depending on the final destination of your international move. Factors which will affect the total cost of your international move include: packing services for your belongings, your choice of cargo insurance while your shipment is in transport, whether or not you will need any storage services, an exclusive container for your shipment or the consolidation of your smaller shipment with other overseas customer’s shipments.

For a more accurate estimate, please fill out our online estimate or let our trained international move specialists answer any questions.